We provide a tailored and flexible service without inflated prices or extortionate overheads.

Unlike other marketing automation specialists, we work with several marketing automation vendors. This allows us to concentrate on best practise and provide you with a marketing automation platform and staff training that is perfectly suited to your needs.Stampwood offer a long term partnership to ensure you reach full marketing automation potential.

By accurately measuring performance, we optimise your efforts and continuously improve your marketing automation – and more importantly your sales!Years of experience using marketing automation platforms means that we fully understand best practices – helping you achieve the highest ROI possible from you solution. We also offer superior project management and will challenge you to continuously improve.

For more specialist tasks, we have a team of experts on hand to deliver an extensive range of additional skill sets.Our unique marketing automation trial program allows you to implement a marketing automation campaign in your business  no long term contract or high service fee.

You’ll get to see the real impact it will have on your company’s leads, sales and revenue so you can make an educated decision on whether marketing automation is for you.Stampwood specialise in best practise for planning, installing and running digital marketing technology.

Our clients are typically:

  • Overwhelmed by the number of digital marketing options available
  • Unhappy with aspects of the technical implementation of their marketing automation
  • Struggling to document a clear marketing strategy to provide a strong foundation for a successful digital marketing project
  • Swamped by the breadth of skills required for a successful marketing automation initiative

We help our clients by:

  • Providing strategic and technical workshops and training
  • Planning, running and supporting their marketing automation initiatives



Stampwood was founded by award-winning marketing automation specialist, Geof Gibbons.

His experience and expertise in sales, marketing and technology makes him a hugely valuable asset to any company looking to grow their market share and increase their revenue.

  • Geof has been developing CRM and email marketing systems since 1990.
  • In 1997 Geof set up a business selling CRM SalesLogix systems. Clients included major law firms, subsidiaries of Siemens, Pfizer, AXA and over 100 others.
  • He pioneered the way in closed loop email marketing solutions, helping to create one of the first automated email systems (e1Target) and in 2003 his work secured ”The Best Use of Technology for Marketing Award” for a top 20 law firm.
  • In 2006 his company won SalesLogix’s business partner of the year award based on (customer satisfaction) NPP score.