7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Marketing Automation Solution

Over the coming years, plenty of companies will be sifting through the ever increasing number of vendors to determine what solution fits best.

For many marketers, purchasing this type of technology is unchartered territory. Therefore it’s vital that they understand what they’ll need to consider in order to make sure they make a successful investment.

Here are five things every organization should consider before investing in a marketing automation service (courtesy of G2 Crowd).

Struggling to see a return on your marketing automation investment?

Here at Stampwood we have been involved with marketing automation projects for years now, and we can safely say that if you don’t invest all that time and resources – and keep making continuous improvements – you will not be successful.

We know first hand that there are plenty of companies struggling like mad to get a return on their marketing automation tool. Simply because they haven’t spent the time to properly plan.

Fortunately, it’s not too late.

Whether your looking to implement a solution and haven’t got the foggiest idea where to begin, or you already have a solution and your struggling to make it work – we have created two programs which will ensure you get the most from your marketing automation investment…

How To Bridge Your Marketing Automation Skills Gap (Without hiring more staff)

There is one resource required for a marketing automation demand generation strategy that is more valuable than anything else…..people!

Without the right people marketing automation is just a shiny technology platform with cool features. But finding those with marketing automation experience isn’t easy.

Stampwood are marketing automation specialists that recognise the importance of combining the art and science of marketing.

We will work closely with you and use your data to personalise interactions that lead prospects more effectively through the buying cycle.