It may make marketing and sales lives easier, but a successful marketing automation solution is ultimately about increasing revenue.

Competition is growing rapidly in most sectors and there’s no longer any room for error. Marketing automation allows you to implement a scientific process that will test, analyse and report everything that goes on in your sales process – so you can optimise both your marketing and sales campaigns.

We offer a marketing automation trial which allows you to implement a fully functioning marketing automation system in your business at modest risk and outlay, with no long term contract. This means you can try and see for yourself the huge benefits that a marketing automation system can bring to your company with no long term commitment or significant upfront costs.

In the mean time, let’s take a look at how a successful marketing automation platform will benefit the board room:

1. Make the Most of Your Inbound Leads

A well selected and properly implemented marketing automation solution will increase your revenue by helping you to fine tune your sales processes and make the most of your inbound leads.

Lead Nurturing

With marketing automation, the marketing team has tools to automate workflows that are designed to nurture long term relationships with prospects.

Messages are delivered over time, across a range of channels, based on prospect behaviours and predefined campaign steps. This generates well-qualified leads that have displayed buying intent.

Online Behaviour Tracking

Online behaviour tracking allows you to track a prospects browsing and search activity, which emails they have opened and clicked on and even their social sharing activity.

This gives an understanding of who they are, what they have an interest in, and where they are in the buying process.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring allows you to automatically assign a value to leads based on demographics, BANT criteria and online behaviours. By tracking and assigning appropriate weights to each of these factors you can identify the most qualified leads who are ready to engage with a salesperson.

All of the above capabilities allow your sales team to identify the hot leads allowing them to focus their time on the prospects that are most likely to convert into sales.

2. Fewer Human Resources

Modern inbound marketing strategy requires you to interact with customers in a modern way.

Say you want the ability to follow up on marketing emails by sending different reply’s to those who responded and those who didn’t, without marketing automation this means a lot of overhead in terms of hiring humans to work manually. By investing in the technology to automate these processes, companies are able to reduce the campaign management budget by up to 80%.

3. Accountable Marketing

Marketing automation systems deliver a more scientific way to measure the impact of your marketing on your firm’s revenue. A good system will give you all the real time data you need to be able to properly monitor your leads throughout your sales funnel and accurately predict your sales conversions and profit.

ROI Analytics

Program ROI analytics allow you to measure and compare revenue performance by channel or program using a range of metrics (e.g. revenue, pipeline, investment, ROI and prospects generated). As a result, you can value your marketing investments and allocate future budgets accordingly.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Customers do not purchase your product as a result of any single interaction with your company. Rather, marketing impacts a sale multiple times across multiple channels and people. Multi-touch attribution allows you to identify all the marketing activities that have touched a conversion as it moves through the sales funnel AND measure the value of each touch.

Sales and Marketing Funnel Metrics

You can now analyse every stage of the funnel to identify potential issues early. Business processes can then be adjusted to reduce the time taken for each step of your sales funnel and increase conversions. This gives you more confidence in the all-important revenue forecast.

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