Nothing reduces sales productivity more than unqualified leads.

Marketing automation gives marketing teams the muscle they need to nurture leads more effectively. Online behaviour tracking empowers your marketing team to feed prospects the content and information they need at the right time – guiding them through their buying journey.

When a lead exhibits strong buying signals, it gets passed to sales. This process generates well-qualified leads that have displayed buying intent, meaning sales spend time in front of prospects that are actually ready to buy!

It’s easy to increase productivity when you already have a 360 degree view of nurtured, warm leads.

Prospect and customer intelligence dashboards shows sales what content prospects have viewed, what actions they’ve taken, and what they care about – so you can talk to them about their specific needs.

Along with high-scoring leads being passed to you as they become sales-qualified, web site visitor tracking alerts you whenever a particular person or company visits each page of your web site. For example, you could receive an alert that a buyer you’re working with is studying a page with in-depth information about a product other than the one you’ve been discussing – leading to a whole new sales opportunity!

Better yet, many marketing automation systems integrate with most of the popular CRM systems so you can access powerful lead insights and opportunities right in your own CRM dashboard.

Often sales and marketing teams fail to properly integrate with each other, resulting in lead leakage from all stages of the funnel.

A blended approach using marketing automation will help your both teams to work together seamlessly. The sales process begins with marketing and the same tracking methods are applied to the entire process, from start to finish in a single integrated revenue model.

Automatic sales alerts are created in your CRM as important events happen, so you can immediately take action. Furthermore, a marketing automation solution qualifies your leads so your sales team can identify and prioritise the hot leads and stop wasting time on others.A marketing automation system allows sales to simply pass the lead back to marketing who automatically continue to nurture them until the opportune moment to engage again.A marketing automation system will automatically keep in in touch with them, building a relationship and keeping your company front-of-mind.A marketing automation system will automatically continue to communicate with them to further convince the prospect and convert them into a good sales-qualified lead when they are really ready.