The standout feature of the Marketo marketing automation platform is its Engagement Engine – a great facility for long term nurtures.

This feature enables marketers to quickly and easily deliver dialogues that are far more relevant and engaging than the campaigns of yesterday. It works by tracking the behaviours of individuals in order to automatically serve up highly relevant conversations, at scale, that build and grow long-term customer relationships.We have had long-term, practical experience setting up and managing Marketo programs and campaigns, validated by our Marketo Certified Expert status. We can also be found on Marketo’s Launchpoint, an initiative that helps companies to find the leading Marketo consultants to help them take advantage of everything the software has to offer.

  • You are debating whether or not Marketo is a good fit for your company
  • You’re thinking about using Marketo but you’re afraid it might not work because you have no experience of this sort of technology
  • You’re currently using Marketo but for whatever reason, it’s not going well for you
  • Your current marketing is too expensive