We help build communication between sales and marketing teams to reduce sales funnel leaks and increase conversions.

We conduct workshops with sales and marketing staff to establish a common understanding of the following:

  • Target market segments
  • Target buyer personas and their buyer’s journeys
  • Sales and marketing funnel and definition of leads at each stage
  • Acceptance/rejection criteria for passing leads to sales
  • Process that allows sales teams to recycle not-ready leads back to marketing for further nurturing
  • Key performance indicators
  • Feedback method

Why is Sales and Marketing Alignment So Important?

sales and marketing alignment handshake

Because of recent shifts in buyer behaviour, the handover from marketing to sales is now less distinct.

As a result, it is imperative that sales and marketing work together throughout the prospect’s buying journey in order to deliver the best possible customer experience and prevent them leaking out of the sales funnel.

A well implemented marketing automation platform supports the sales cycle, ensuring sales teams have access to more quality leads and detailed tracking and activity alerts.

Remember! A marketing automation platform is only as good as the planning and strategy behind it, and you certainly won’t see optimum results from your solution unless you’ve aligned your teams.