But when you’re new to the concept, it can be hard to imagine how it will fit within your own company, and the impact it will really have on your leads and sales.

That’s why we’ve created a way for you to trial marketing automation.

As part of the program we will run a complete marketing automation campaign for your business – with no long term contract or high service fee.

Over the 6-month period you’ll get to see the real impact it will have on your company’s leads, sales and revenue so you can make an informed decision on whether marketing automation is for you.

We will discuss your campaign progress and the details of using the software during regular meetings.

  • Discussion around the appropriate software and campaign for your business
  • Workshops to enhance your marketing plan and define the success criteria for this campaign
  • Development of targeted buyer personas
  • Workshops to align your sales and marketing teams
  • Set up of your marketing automation software and templates
  • Integration with your CRM system
  • Creation and implementation of a carefully planned lead nurture campaign
  • A/B testing of your campaign
  • Optimisation of your campaign based on real data
  • Weekly reports so you can see the progress and results in real time