Marketing automation is a technology solution which allows companies to track prospects and customers with greater precision, learn from their online behaviour, and nurture them with personalised, useful content. This helps convert prospects to customers and grow existing accounts.

Better yet, it allows marketers to attribute marketing spend to revenue because it can track each prospect’s activity from initial engagement through lead conversion and beyond.

Marketing automation helps you to build more detailed customer profiles. An automated solution is always gathering information based on customers’ purchases, email opens and responses, selected preferences and more. All this data is stored for future use, giving you the insights you need to improve communications.Integration of marketing automation with CRM allows for the tracking of every lead from the top of the lead funnel to the bottom of the sales funnel. This can prevent leads leaking out of the sales funnel after unsuccessful contact by sales. The rep can place that lead back into a nurturing program with a couple of clicks or marketing can set up an automatic sweep of aged leads back into the nurture program.Marketing automation can help you keep tabs on the multiple channels that buyers can now be found on. It also allows you to consolidate the data from each channel, giving you a 360 degree view of prospects and customers.Automation provides a streamlined alternative to time consuming manual processes. A single staff member can execute complex campaigns and can connect with far more customers than would be possible manually.Multiple campaigns can be scheduled ahead of time and released as per your own settings. Working hours can then be allocated to other tasks.Rather than having to manually segment customers based on their needs and preferences, marketing automation solutions allow you to simply create restrictions that will allow customers to be automatically separated. The solution can then send messages and promotions to those customers that are relevant to their individual needs.Incorporating all your marketing efforts into one process can help keep a unified brand tone-of-voice.Automated marketing solutions keep track of each email campaign, Facebook post, text message or whatever it is that you are doing. A great solution will provide you with detailed graphs, statistics and other report data that you can analyse in order to optimise your future campaigns.

Marketing automation software provides broad functionality. The majority of tools are cloud based with many fully integrating with your existing CRM system. Solutions from different vendors have slightly different feature sets with their own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve from the technology will help eliminate some of your options.

  • CRM integration
  • Lead scoring: Both demographic and behavioural activity
  • Activity tracking: Based on email and web activity
  • Lead nurturing: Includes trigger-based emails and multi-step campaigns
  • Email marketing: Allows for unlimited emails optimised for deliverability
  • Landing page builder: Includes a form builder to capture leads
  • Improved lead intelligence for the sales team
  • Comprehensive marketing reporting and analytics